There are many scenarios where a review of an existing model is advantageous.

Maybe you have developed your first larger model and intend to present its results to management, supervisory bodies, investors, or the capital market. But first you want to make sure that the model is working correctly and methodologically sound. Or maybe employees who had the necessary expertise have left the company and passed on their work to less experienced staff members. Now you want to ensure that the knowledge about your model has been transferred to the new employees and that the results are accurate. Or maybe you have further developed an existing model and enhanced it with additional components, and now you want to cross-check whether the components have been correctly incorporated into the model.

You can contact us for the validation of your model. After signing a confidentiality agreement we corroborate the results of your model. Certainty of results has top priority.

Let’s talk about how and to what extent we can assist you.


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