Are you searching for modelling know how for developing a standard model tailored to your needs or for times of capacity constraints?

As a liquidator, you not only face a variety of options for action and decisions you have to make, these decisions also often entail very dramatic consequences for the affected stakeholders of a company.

The measures you must evaluate can be as unique as some insolvency cases you administer. In these cases, you will quickly reach the limits of basic models. But how can these limits be overcome in a quick and safe way? What model structure or modifications in the level of detail of standard models can be implemented to enable you to accurately and comprehensively simulate possible measures and illustrate their full effects on all relevant financial key figures, structures and computations over time? What modifications can help you convince investors of the measures’ benefits?

We can show you approaches that allow you to answer your questions quickly and safely, or we can develop them in collaboration with you.

Maybe you do not have questions, but a mandate that calls for a fast solution, but currently cannot be handled with your existing resources?

In such situations, you want to refer to experts in this field who are able to quickly familiarize themselves with the specifics of the case, allowing you to fulfil your mandate in the required time and with the appropriate quality.

With the guiding principles we developed for the transparent design of financial models, we can not only very quickly determine input and output requirements and develop a practicable model from there, we can also use our vast experience from previous deals to suggest proven solutions and structures.

We are on hand with help and advice. Just ask us!



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