Integration of an acquisition balance sheet in an existing model, mapping of scenarios, breakdown of annual planning to monthly or even weekly data: The requirements are manifold. We help you gain the required skill set – quickly and tailored to your needs.

As a liquidator, you must be familiar with the financial presentation of profitability and liquidity, develop scenarios and be able to analyze the financial planning the company provides you with. And increasingly liquidators are also expected to prepare financial plans themselves. But these topics have only been a very small part of your education – if at all.

Therefore, you may feel a need to deepen your understanding of them.

Our one to one approach is very pragmatically tailored exactly to your specific demands. You decide which topics you want to learn to what extent. You send us your material or we prepare appropriate material and then we get together. Of course, we then also answer any additional questions you may have about modelling.

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