A new job, returning to work or being confronted with new and increased demands – there are many reasons why you would want to brush up or deepen your modelling skills. We help you gain the required skill set – tailored to your needs and highly efficient.

You already have experience in building and maintaining financial models, and you use them during annual planning sessions or for annual statements. But now you face increased demands: Maybe you are asked to prepare a product calculation based on the planning models, and to prepare and adjust monthly liquidity planning with it. Maybe a consolidation is needed, which should also reflect intra annual changes in the scope of consolidation, or you are asked to incorporate new exchange rate forecasts into existing or rolling business planning and in this context to assess the impact on existing or new hedges.

Such scenarios may require modifying the structure of the model in such a way to enable you to process and illustrate regular updates of existing planning, additional evaluations or regularly occurring changes in the scope of consolidation quickly, securely and above all in short time. No task for novices! But how can you quickly obtain the knowledge of “best practices” in solving such issues?

We have often dealt with questions like these and can show you what model approaches outside the standardized approaches can quickly and surely contribute to solving your problem.

Our one to one approach is very pragmatically tailored exactly to your specific demands. You decide which topics you want to learn to what extent. You send us your material or we prepare appropriate material and then we get together. Of course, we then also answer any additional questions you may have about modelling.


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