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Institut für Finanzmodelle

Financial modelling training – enabling you to quickly create actionable models that deliver exactly what you require from them.

Is it most important to you that participants in a financial model training quickly and efficiently learn how to best handle financial models? That they can design their models with a comprehensible structure and know how to separate relevant from irrelevant data?

Our training is

  • tailored exactly to your needs – suited for beginners as well as for advanced users and all levels of expertise in between
  • practically applicable in your daily work – we are happy to use your specific models or models for your specific applications in our training
  • practically oriented – participants create and modify models with us
  • varied and entertaining – we impart our knowledge in a relaxed, joyful and fun atmosphere with a motivating approach, resulting in a great learning experience.



Hinweis: Carola Kamuff gibt offene Einsteigerkurse zu Finanzmodellen und Unternehmensbewertung “Financial Modeling and Valuation” über das Investment Banking Institute, eines der führenden Trainingsinstitute weltweit. Kontakt: Aaron M. Hurwitz, Tel. +49 69 5780 4951, E-Mail: ahurwitz[at]ibtraining.com.


Institut für Finanzmodelle

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