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Institut für Finanzmodelle

You need a model or a sparring partner for your model design; we deliver fast, to the point, and straightforward.

You need a model – perhaps a standard model that fits many similar portfolio companies or investment projects, to make sure you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every single project and also that you can reach your goal faster? Or a model for your company that you want to update over time and that allows you to compare planned and actual data? Do you simply lack the time and resources to quickly bring these models to life?

We support you exactly in the way you want – as a sparring partner during model design or directly in modelling.


Institut für Finanzmodelle

Emil-Claar-Straße 15
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Norddeicher Straße 6
50737 Köln

Phone: (0173) 60 42 623
Email: info@finanzmodelle.com