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As a liquidator, you are regularly faced with the decision whether to continue or to liquidate a company – in whole or in part. And if business is continued: What measures are adequate from an operative and financing perspective and can be implemented in time?

Thus, there are generally more possible options for action for liquidators than for corporate management.

These alternatives require both quantification as a basis for decision-making and appropriate communication with investors and potential investors.

Therefore, you must be familiar with the financial presentation of profitability and liquidity, and able to understand and corroborate existing corporate financial plans, and to create financial plans yourself. The latter applies in particular to smaller insolvency proceedings without the need for external consultants.

These tasks can only be completed accurately and transparently with the use of integrated financial models taking into account all economic interactions. They deliver what you need for decision-making and communication: results, cash flows, financing needs, valuations, and much more – both for the entire company and for specific divisions. To accomplish this, the financial model must be set up quickly and accurately – a job for experienced and well qualified experts.


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