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Institut für Finanzmodelle

Today, financial models are effectively used in many industries and economic areas.

In the context of M&A, private equity and banking, models are used for valuation considerations, determining covenants, identifying the IRR in case of an LBO and many other purposes.

Models are frequently required on various occasions in controlling, investment controlling, strategic planning and possibly also for investor relations, for example in connection with annual statements, M&A activities or for investment decisions.

Auditors need models for valuating companies or individual assets (like trademarks or patents) or for illustrating pro forma consolidation for planning purposes.

And liquidators deal with different scenarios for business continuation or closure. They require an acquisition balance sheet and, because of the often tight liquidity situation during rebuilding of short-term assets, particularly also planning on a monthly or even weekly basis to properly assess liquidity.

And although the basics of the models are the same, their detailed requirements are very specific to each of these groups. That is why we align our services exactly to your specific requirements: