Reinforcements for your team

There are seminars, and there are projects – both small- and large-scale. The partners hold seminars exclusively themselves; small projects they realize exclusively for you. And in order to provide quick and competent support for your large-scale and usually urgent projects, we have a network of modelling experts that we can resort to if required. The final validation of all models is done by the partners, so we can be sure to deliver and you can be sure to receive high-quality results.

Professionally related topics

During the course of projects, it happens that questions concerning other areas of expertise come up or that you require support in related areas.

In such cases we will gladly cooperate with your experts, or, at your request, with experts from our network, which we all know personally and can recommend to you without reservation:

Confex Excel Akademie – a variety of Excel training for users in controlling, accounting and reporting

Insolutions GmbH – services and software to provide liquidators with fast, reliable and professional support in the entire insolvency proceedings workflow.

TCC GROUP – practicable strategies and concepts for marketing, sales, and change processes.