Experience with financial models and various, sometimes highly complex requirements is one thing. To be able to convey this knowledge and these skills to others is something else entirely.

Each one of us has over 15 years of professional experience. We have designed dozens of models for various purposes, have familiarized ourselves with models created by third parties and used this experience to develop a best practice for financial models. We have also guided younger colleagues and checked their models on accuracy.

In our work we combine our different backgrounds, which is M&A and strategy consulting on one hand, and operative controlling and finance in renowned German companies on the other.

With this professional background, we are able to fulfil the expectations of our customers and to guide you in the process of planning, building, and maintaining good models and presenting their results in a concise way. Our experience allows us to quickly separate relevant from less relevant influencing variables, and it also helps us to swiftly identify sources of error and inaccuracies in models.

We know how to convey a notoriously dry subject matter vividly and with enthusiasm, because we understand the needs of both sides – audience and creator.

And moreover, we have learned to listen: Where are the problems? What are the value drivers? Why have previous models failed? This means you can benefit in multiple ways, starting with training concepts, and continuing with your individual questions about modelling, right up to identifying the requirements of replicable standard models.